Alex's Platform

Why is Alex running for the Prosper ISD Board of Trustees

I have decided to run for the Prosper School Board to bring the following major changes in a step-by-step collaborative way:

1.     Stop the uncontrolled spending of our taxpayer money on projects and buildings that do not directly contribute to our children’s education.  

2.     Bring about a balanced and consistent mechanism to address parents’ concerns and complaints.  Currently, parents’ concerns get summarily dismissed by the school officials routinely without any meaningful dialogue.

3.     Move quickly to build consensus in the Prosper ISD Board to establish meaningful programs to address really serious issues of mental health support and suicide prevention among our students.

4.     Work collaboratively to bring effective change to address rampant bullying of minority students because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

5.     There is ZERO minority representation on the Prosper ISD Board of Trustees currently.