About Alex Cornwallis

Alex is running for Prosper ISD School board of trustees because our community needs a transparent and responsive board leadership again. He is a leader who voices the community’s needs and will ensure that the School Superintendent implements the will and the desires of the community. That means Alex will make sure that the School Administration answers to parents openly and are upfront and forthright with providing parents with information.

Additionally, Alex will make sure that the district’s budget decisions are stated clearly, and more importantly, a proper hearing is provided to the community before the district’s budget gets approved. Alex will reiterate that this is the community’s tax fund, and the community has a complete ownership of how and where their money is being spent.

Professionally, Alex holds a senior position in the corporate world. He has over two decades of experience in managing resources and collaborating with others to achieve results. Alex’s style is unique and is very result oriented.

Alex is a very active member of the community where he is not afraid to go to any level of Government to bring back what the community feels is a fair share of the community’s needs. Compassion and respect is the cornerstone of Alex’s leadership style. He is firm when it comes to defending the community’s rights and fair share.

Alex’s Story

Alex is happily married to Scarlett, a software professional, and they have lived in Prosper since 2016. They have five beautiful children who attend the prosper ISD schools. In his free time, Alex loves to engage in the community and also travel with the family.

Finally, Alex is a true believer in lifelong learning. That is why he can truly connect to students, community members, teachers, administrators and fellow ISD Board members in navigating Prosper ISD towards success. 

Alex’s motto is: “Keep learning, keep challenging, and keep rolling !!”.